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My fianceé and I are subscribed to a few different shared Photo Streams between one another and friends. Her MacBook (Mountain Lion) and iPhone 4S (6.1.3), however, are not receivng the push notifications indicating when there are updates to the Streams. If she chooses to manually go into the Photos app on her iPhone or iPhoto on her Mac, she will see the updates, such as likes, comments, and new photos. However, she won't know that they are there unless I tell her there were send my myself or friends.


For her iPhone, I've checked Notifications under Settings, and everything is turned on: "Show Photo Stream Alerts From: Everyone" is checked, Show Preview is set to On, Badge App Icon and Sounds are also set to on. Alert Style is set to Banners. And Notification Center is also set to On.


As for her Mac, all the same settings in iPhoto Preferences and System Preferences are checked off.


Oddly, the one and only update she does get is when she's being invited to a new Shared Photo Stream. That notification does appear on her Mac, but not on her iPhone. Yet, when she goes to Photos on her 4S, the Shared Stream is there.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.