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I bought a new Macbook air two months ago.  I am running Mountain Lion 10.8.4 and I have all of the most recent updates.  My wifi connection drops out exactly every 10 minutes.  It recovers on its own in about 30 seconds to a minute with no intervention but this has become a huge problem for me that makes the MBA almost impossible to use for my job where we do a lot of online meetings.  It also makes Skype incredibly painful because at exactly every 10 minutes it disconnects.  I also own two PCs that do not have this problem so it is particular to my MBA.  I live in apartment building that offers wifi so I have no ability to switch routers or change router settings.  This problem also just started two weeks ago; I had not previously had this problem.  I have checked the syslogs and there is no log that correlates to the time the wifi drops.  I do see this in my wifi.log:


Thu Jul 25 00:37:04.248 <configd[3191]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: LINK_QUALITY (en0)

Thu Jul 25 00:37:04.248 <configd[3191]> __AirPortOpportunisticRoamTriggerRSSI: <en0> Opportunistic Roam : Current RSSI <-49>, Last Opp Roam RSSI <-51>

Thu Jul 25 00:37:09.243 <configd[3191]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: LINK_QUALITY (en0)

Thu Jul 25 00:37:09.243 <configd[3191]> __AirPortOpportunisticRoamTriggerRSSI: <en0> Opportunistic Roam : Current RSSI <-52>, Last Opp Roam RSSI <-51>

Thu Jul 25 00:37:15.241 <configd[3191]> _bsd_80211_event_callback: LINK_QUALITY (en0)

Thu Jul 25 00:37:15.241 <configd[3191]> __AirPortOpportunisticRoamTriggerRSSI: <en0> Opportunistic Roam : Current RSSI <-54>, Last Opp Roam RSSI <-51>


I have a hard time believing it is a hardware problem since it happens exactly every ten minutes.  It would seem more likely to me that it is a firmware issue or some application on the system that kicks in every ten minutes to do something.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  As it stands right now, this computer Macbook has become unusable because I cannot host a web meeting or participate in a web meeting without getting kicked out.  Thanks in advance for any help!!!! 


P.S.  This is my first macbook and I was extremely excited and extemely happy with the switch for the first 6 weeks.  Now I am incredibly disappointed.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)