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I tunes occaisionally records songs from albums in unique windows folders or into unique I tunes "albums". The recording this way appears capricious and even if I subsequently move a song or songs from a disparate folder to the one in which it belongs Itunes never corrects  its Albums to include all the songs once it has imported them. This is particulary vexing with works like operas, symphonies and musical shows where the song sequence is critical.


Itunes habit of placing songs, even in from the same Windows folder, into unique I Tunes albums also adds significant clutter to Itunes. ISome times i have several different instances of  the same album covers being displayed one after the other like for songs 1,345, 2, 689, 7,10,11 and 12 etc.,


I have gone through several combinations of tryring to effect a cure: 1) manually assuring that a misplaces song or songs are in the identical windows folder as the the originals; deleting and double deleting songs and unique window folders before and after copying them into the original folder; reimporting the disk contets to a new disk drive after double deleting every version of the original album and and every copy of its contents (or partial contents) that I can find by searching my hard drives and back up drives and similarly cleaned up past libraries etc.,


None of this solves the problem.


I do not know how to clean up, or refresh the itunes catalogue and its items. I suspect that this is where my problems lie. I do not wish to turf the whole catalogue and scrub the disk drives where music is stored. The prospect of re-recording the music is daunting and will take a good part of my life time (and in some instances impossible), and I have no Trust that I tunes will not continue to build and organize the catalogue according to its own precepts and fancies.


Once in a whle, the problem appears to get corrected, or I can get a larger number of songs into one album. I have no idea what the magic solution is - though my  processes i think are consistent, my results are not.


I am not sure if this is an issue for Itunes, the songs remain on my drives, and playlisting works if I am choosing compilations from unique albums or downloads, but the I find it a royal pain to be unable to have songs together in the albums from which they were originally recorded to the computer.


Are there magicians at hand? Or is there some simple and relatively painless solution available that I have missed.?





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