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    Thanks for the reply MrJavaDeveloper.  I have already tried reseating the RAM and also booting with out the Airport card and had no luck.  What leans me towards a video card issue is that I can easily boot from the 10.4 install DVD and install the OS but when I try and boot from the 10.5 install DVD it will not even load it up at all past the ble screen?

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    The error log seem to show difficulties with the local host.

    Me personally, I'd boot into safe mode and edit the local host file.

    I'm surprised that it's corrupted on a fresh install of OS X. Maybe time to get a new Mac OS X 10.4 retail disk.

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    Thanks for your reply Knucklesmac.  What I don't understand is why the PB will not boot from the 10.5 install DVD when this same install DVD works fine on my other macs.  I just assumed that because 10.5 is more resource hungry on the video card that maybe this is why it is not working on my PB.  How do I edit a local ost file BTW?

    Also, on a freshly install 10.4, I now no longer get the 'You must shut down your computer....' error, i just stalls on the blue screen after the grey apple boot logo.

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    Ah well this makes more sense.

    Maybe not a corrupt disk, but a corrupt hard drive.

    The reason I say this, whenever I've had any blue screen startups, it been due to a fault with the hard drive or the memory. This may explain why the host file was corrupted and you kept getting a kernal panic.


    Three things worth trying here if you haven't already done so.

    Boot  the 10.4 disk and use disk utilities to repair the hard drive and see if hat has an effect.


    Try removal of the memory from the bottom of the PowerBook.

    These have internal memory of around 256, so try booting without the extra memory.


    It's not uncommon for there to be a fault with the internal memory.

    If you have the correct Apple Hardware disk, try again to boot from that. Remember to hold down the option key to use AHT disks. Select AHD from the selection screen. (Took me some time to learn to boot from the AHD) holding down C won't work.


    I doubt it's the GPU.

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    Ok  am going to try with a new HDD as I already did all the tests with removing the RAM, Airport Card, Reset NVRAM and all of that.  I just don't understand why the PB will boot and install from the 10.4 disk and not from the 10.5 install disk (which works fine on all my other macs!).

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    Which type of Mac OS X 10.5 disk is it?

    I'd agree a new hard drive would be the next thing to try.

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