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I have a brand new iphone5  ios 6.1.4

with userA's exchange account, everything is normal and the battery lasts long with exchange mail setup as push.

I delete userA's account and add userB.

With userB's exchange account, when in her email, at the bottom it always wants to check tor mail every 20 seconds. 

This drains the battery so much that there is only 4 hrs of standby time.  Has anyone seen this?  I've looked through userB's exchange account for rogue emails in outbox or inbox but see nothing that will cause the her account to want to update that often. 


Not being on 'push' is not an option as this is for an exec.  Also it works just fine with userA's account. 


any help is greatly appreciated.

Exchange 2003 by the way.


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4