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I have a brand new iphone5  ios 6.1.4

with userA's exchange account, everything is normal and the battery lasts long with exchange mail setup as push.

I delete userA's account and add userB.

With userB's exchange account, when in her email, at the bottom it always wants to check tor mail every 20 seconds. 

This drains the battery so much that there is only 4 hrs of standby time.  Has anyone seen this?  I've looked through userB's exchange account for rogue emails in outbox or inbox but see nothing that will cause the her account to want to update that often. 


Not being on 'push' is not an option as this is for an exec.  Also it works just fine with userA's account. 


any help is greatly appreciated.

Exchange 2003 by the way.


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    Try deleting the account, reset (hold sleep/wake and home buttons until you see the Apple logo), the re-add the account

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    Thanks, tried that but no go.  I can add any other account and it's fine.  It's just her account that is doing this.  Perhaps it's something in Exchange or a bad email? 

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    User a have a larger amount of emails than User b on Exchange?


    Try this:

    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > slect the Exchange account > Change "Mail days to syn" to 1 Day

    See if that resolves it, if so you can change the setting to whatever you want


    Exchange will sync all mail folders and items that are stored on the Exchange server. It may be taking a really long time to sync if the account has a lot of data.

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    thanks, but both email boxes are about the same size.  even if there's no new email it still says 'checking for mail' at the bottom. 

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    Did you try my suggestion?


    'checking for mail' doesn't necessarily mean checking for mail. It simply means it is still syncing. It will sync everything (sent, deleted, inbox and any custom folders)

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    Yes, I tried your suggestion.  And it is the same thing.  It is not the amount in the mail box that is the problem.  The problem is that it keeps on saying, 'connecting, checking for mail'. 


    I am open to any other solutions at this point.


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    Well, after much no luck, I created a new Active Directory account, and moved her email box from Exchange over.  This solved the problem.  It was my last resort because I did not want to give a new logon name etc, but at least it's working properly now.

    It was not:

    the amount of email
    setting set for 'push'

    resetting phone


    wish I really knew what it was for future and the people in this forum.  Alas, maybe some can respond and let me know!