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Hey guys,


i'm kinda in a serious dilemma here.


When the MBA first came out, i decided to get the 13 inch model with i5, 8gb ram and 256 ssd.


But that's really expensive, especially for a student like me.


So im either going to upgrade the ram or the ssd capacity, but i honestly have to idea what to upgrade. I can get the base model too, of course.


Anyways, this is what i do...

-Write essays, not a lot though.

-watch movies, but i never store movies, cuz the moment im done watching them i delete them so that won't really interfere with my storage.

-watch news, and when i do i open about 15 tabs at once, but using my laptop with 6gb of ram it works perfectly, and when i check with task manager it only uses like 1.7 gb of ram....

-i DONT play games on a MBA

-I am going to install windows via bootcamp.---probably divide the partition like 3:7 or 4:6.

-i am going to install microsoft word, itunes, etorrent, and all those basic stuff.


Anyways, what do you think? Should i get a 4gb ram with a 256gb ssd? Or 8gb ram with 128gb ssd? Or maybe the base model?


Thanks in advance! I really hope you guys can write all your opinions down so i can finally decided what to buy!

MacBook Air
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