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iPhone 4s.

How do I do a backup on the computer? My phone says there isnt enough space to do it on the phone. It keeps telling me "phone needs to be backed up". Ive looked at iTunes, iCloud... Im not sure where to go to make it do a back up.


Also, I used to be able to take about over 1,000 pictures with a few videos. Well now, it only allows me about 312 pictures, with one video, then says its "FULL" and turns the camera off. I copy the pictures to my computer and delete them so I have room. But its REALLY annoying how I can now only take about 312 pictures.

Any Help would be sooo appreciated!!




iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Sounds like you're out of space - try deleting some of you Messages, especially any pictures/videos in there.   They take up lots of room.

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    The message probably means you don;t have enopugh space on iCloud to backup the Phone.


    iCloud has a 5GB limit. If your backup is more than that then it won't be able to backup.


    As far as backing up to your computer, just connect it to your computer, and assuming you have iTunes you can just click on the Backup button in the summary page for your Phone in iTunes.


    You can follow the instructions posted by Ramzee.


    As to why you can take less photos, probably because you've used more space up with different things. so there's only so much space left for your Photos.


    You can look in Settings->General->Usage, to see how much space you have available as well as the App that's taking up the most space.


    Also when connected to iTunes in your computer Check how large the "other" category is.


    If its more that 1 to 1.2GB then you may have some corruption.



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    My other says "11.11 GB" Holy cow!! How do I fix that? How do I know if I have corruption??


    Phone is currently doing a backup on iTunes. It shows thats it almost done.


    If my iCloud gets "full" how do I clean it out?


    Gah this is so much confusing crap. Thank you for all your help!!

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    others http://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-5142


    if you send a lot of MMS/SMS try deleting them.


    to completely get rid of others you will need to restore your phone as new.


    but take a look at the link.

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    Look at the link I posted above, It has many solutions for the "Other" problem. Including restoring the device.


    To clean iCloud you can go to Settings->Usage->iCloud->Manage Storage.


    You can see how much space your backups are taking up. And Delete them if necessarry.


    Though the newer Backup should overwirte the older one when its performed.


    If you have alot of stuff to backup it may simply not fit in iCloud, you can also select what you want to backup there so your backup file is smaller.

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    This is gonna sound stupid...... what is MMS/SMS?? I always thought it was Text Messages, is it?


    I have that app cleaning up my "other" space. THANK YOU!!!

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    If I Restore the phone... will I lose everything? Photos? Contacts?