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I have tried everything I can think of to resolve this problem.  There are certain songs, actually full albums that crash my itunes 10 and now 11.  For example, Stand Back by Allman Brothers.  The entire Eat a Peach album crashes itunes.  However, it works on ipod and all devices.  It plays on Windows Media Player.  I have deleted the files, and added back from CD, and they crash.  I have deleted, then purchased from Itunes Store, and they crash itunes.  There is something in the library file that is re-activating based on the name of the file.  It happens mostly to songs I added way back in Itunes 3 or 4 days.  I have tried  AAC or MP3, either type will crash itunes.  I have reloaded itunes 11.  I have removed the itunes library and restarted itunes and created a new library and it still crashed on the song.  Why does itunes hate the Allman Brothers?  and George Jones and REM.  Those are the only ones I am sure crash it.  But I can't really find all the problematic files, cuz the only way to find them  it to crash itunes, and its pretty time consuming.

itunes 11, Windows 7
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    What do you mean by a crash? Does that mean the computer reverts back to the Desktop, as when you 1st start the computer? Does it happen when you open iTunes or after you open iTunes and try to play a file

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    I have the exact same problem. Been using itunes for years and never had this happen. The songs that happens with me is Dee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Radio Edit). I have several copies of that track from various albums I have downloaded, and every single one of them crashes itunes.


    I've downloaded the single version, it crashes.


    And when I say crashes itunes, it crashes windows, laptop etc. Only way to resolve is to restart laptop. HardDrive goes crazy, like it's really really trying to load the track and just freezes up the whole system. I've tried deleting the tracks, every single copy, but that too freezes my laptop.


    I've loaded the tracks into Virtual DJ and Virtual DJ only loads the first 5 seconds of the track, harddrive goes crazy, and then virtualDJ closes.


    I've yet to find other files that do the same, but I'm sure I will. This happened to me tonight during a party, and it was very embarrassing having to reboot the laptop 3 times. I even had to do a system restore, defrag and 'sort my library', to no avail. I can assure everyone who reads this that the track played like a dream, over and over again 'prior' to this latest i-tunes update. Something has went wrong somewhere.


    I've downloaded the track once again legitimately from Amazon MP3 now, and imported it into itunes, and it plays absolutely fine.


    EDIT: I took to the gauntlet, and tried all the 'other' files named Groove Is In The Heart, and the only file that, at the moment, has a problem is the version that comes with Ministry Of Sound - 90's Groove.


    All the other versions work fine since downloading the single version from Amazon.


    Windows 7 64x. Itunes

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    Hey guys,


    This is probably because of a plugin issue, maybe something trying to fetch data for songs. Try safe mode and if it works then you need to discard a plugin.




    Follw up with this link if songs play fine in safe mode: