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When I try to add photos to my shared photo stream in Aperature by selecting them and choosing "share - photo stream" the only choice I get is "my photo stream", not my shared photo stream. If I try to just drag them to the "Photo Stream" icon in the library window they also go just to my general photo stream. How to I get photos into my shared photo stream. When I double click on the "Photo Stream" icon in the library window it then shows both photo streams, but I can't seem to see how to get photos into the shared stream. I'm sure it's obvious, but I'm not seeing it. Any help would be appreciated!

iCloud syncing, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Is the shared stream a stream that has been created by you, or did you accept an invitation? You can only add photos to streams that you created.

    If you cannot add to the stream, you may have exceeded a limit, see:


    iCloud: Photo Stream limits


    If your stream alredy has 1000 photos, you will need to delete some photos.

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    Thanks so much. Sometimes the obvious is the answer. That's something they need to fix. I'm sure there are more variables than I am aware of, but they'd make a lot of people happy by making shared photo streams work both ways. I guess it's back to Shutterfly!

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    You are welcome


    As long as photo Streams are only one-way roads, create your own stream to send photos back. The advantage is, you will have control over who gets invited to view your photos. If you would add to someone elses Photo Stream, someone might be getting access to your photos that you did not expect to see them.