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When I came home to my MacBook Pro, the power cord was plugged in, but the light was white; over the past few hours, it has changed to a flashing green light on the cord (where it plugs into the laptop). pressing the power button does nothing, The screen is black (not "on" at all).  What should I do?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012)
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    See this article from Apple http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1367?viewlocale=en_US


    Good Luck

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    I am uber-grateful for the link, Joe! Thank you SO MUCH for answering so quickly!


    I used the link (at the time, I wasn't 100% sure of which MacBook Pro I had...I just knew that it was "new").   It was SO new, that I could not remove the battery to do the last step of the process of "resetting" my computer.


    I will tell you that I was quite miffed that I actually owned a laptop computer - known for needing their batteries replaced at some point in time - and THIS model doesn't ever allow removal by the user.  Ridiculous.


    Following the instructions in the link you sent, I did all the resetting it would allow me to do on my own...but the model "Mid-2012 & later" has the "untouchable battery" (as evidenced by the large label with a warning label telling me - "DO NOT REMOVE BATTERY...(must be done by certified APPLE technician)". 


    I had to make an appointment at the Genious Bar. About 5 minutes after my MacBook had been taken to the back room, "my genious" came out to tell me that the only thing that remained to be done was removing the battery and putting it back in (the last part of the reset instructions that I could not do).  My MacBook was already working just fine & the worker bees were putting the screws back in.

    I did learn that I probably shouldn't purchase a laptop with a battery that I cannot remove.  Not a winning feature...

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    I'm glad I could help!