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I bought a tune for my ipod, showed I had paid for song but the song is not on my ipod, it was hooked-up (usb) & synced prior & during sale ?

iPod nano, Windows Vista
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    Make sure the song is showing in your iTunes library, if not:

    Open iTunes Store > Purchased (in Quick Links on the right) > Apps > download


    After it is in iTunes, connect tje iPod and sync.

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    Thank-you very much for the help, I apperciated your help.  So I followed your instuctions & the song was there.


    So as I understand this fully, after a song purchase it goes' to the "library", than you hook-up the ipod, wait for the syncing to transpire, than the song down-loads itself ?

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    What device was the song purchased on?

    What kind of iPod? iPod Touch?

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    My home computer is were I'm a member to the itunes site.  And what I have puchased for my Granddaughter is a small pink square w/ a circle in the middle, shuffle I think it's called.

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    iPods can be syced with only one iTunes library. Is the iTunes library on your computer the itunes it was synced with originally? If so that is where it will need to be synced. If your granddaughter synced it from her computer it will replace what is currently on there with the things (music, video, apps, etc...) in your itunes library.

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    Yep' it's only been synced w/ this computer & libray does' list all prior purchase's.  Just had my Granddaughter buy a couple songs' w/ ipod dis-connected & than plugged-in ipod & walla, songs downloaded outa' library.


    So again thank-you so much for all the help & your time in helping a Granddad get over the hump or rather memory lapse of the last gift card we had spent.  Have a nice day, bye bye now.

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    Your very welcome