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I have a number of what I suspect and hope you good people will consider basic questions! I will however raise each of them separately.


I have recently created one “Managed” Library from what had previously been six separate “Managed” Libraries and have started to make use of Keywords with encouraging results.


One of my problems is that I am getting confused with the numbers of images I have in Folders, Projects and Albums.


One of my former library folders (ITALY) if selected tells me there are 640 items displayed. This folder (ITALY) contains 22 Projects and Albums with a combined total of 10.301 items. Three other former library folders have similar characteristics.


Two other former library folders, if selected, display no items yet the Projects contained within these folders have combined totals of 6209 and 4862 items respectively.


Why do some master (library) folders when selected display items and others do not?



Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    One thing to be clear on is that ONLY projects hold images.  Any folders should add up to the number of photos in all the projects they contain.


    Albums are purely virtual.  They don't "hold" anything.  You could have 10 different albums that each had the contents of a project, thus showing you 11 times the number of images actually in the library.  Ignore the number of images in an album for purposes of trying to see how many images are actually in the library itself.


    And the easiest way to know that latter number is just to go to the "all pictures" view ;-)

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    John, you may have set filters on your folders. Each library items can have its own filters set.

    To check for filters, select each of the projects in turn and  check the search fields in the Browser and also in the Library Inspector panel. Make sure all are set to "Showing All":

    Also, your projects may be containing rejected images.



    Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 18.24.47MESZ.PNG

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    Also the items in a smart album in a folder will not show in the folders totals.

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    Thank you all for your help. Another post I made today looks like is on the way to being resolved to some extent through my better understanding of the relationship between Folders,Projects and Albums.


    Regards and thanks.



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    You are welcome, John.