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Hi my nano 6th generation wont start up ive lost the receipt but want to check the serial number to see if its still in warranty. I can see this is under the clip but as it hardly opens the number is hard to see. Do the serial numbers consist of letters or numbers as the ones i am entering arnt recognised

iPod nano, 6th generation
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    ISerial numbers contain both letters and numbers. You can find the serial number a couple other ways if you cant see them on clip. If you used your Apple ID to register or purchase your iPod, you may find the serial number listed in My Support Profile (available in the United States and Canada). Log in with your Apple ID and find your iPod in the "My Products" box on the main page.

    Apple hardware product serial numbers may sometimes contain the number 0, but never contain the letter O. You can also find the serial number on the box your Nano came in.

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    I have a letter followed by 4 numbers then 3 letters and it also  says NO. Followed by 4 numbers and im in the uk and have also mislaid the box. Im hoping its not 12 months old

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    I located the number for AppleCare UK for you, hopefully they can direct you and get you the warranty information that you need

    (44) 0844 209 0611***   Good Luck to you