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I use my MacBook Pro (Late 2009) for EVERYTHING and I have loaded so many apps, even doubles of some, I think!   My computer is running really SLOW and I think it is because I don't have enough memory. 


I just installed the new Adobe CS6 and that was a BIG mistake.  The spinnning wheel of death doesn't stop! I wish I could load that program on my computer so I can use it "on the go", but I can't stand the spinning wheel! 


I want to clean up my computer and get rid of EVERYTHING on it!!     Then, re-install the factory settings to run Lion.  I believe this will make the wheel stop spinning.


However, how do I make sure that all of the extra stuff that is attached to the app, ( including all the cache') is deleted too?   I don't want to have to buy MacKeeper! 


I am hoping the computer wizards or the apple team can give me an answer on how to clean up everything and start over.  I have saved everything on my desktop mac. 

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