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I use my MacBook Pro (Late 2009) for EVERYTHING and I have loaded so many apps, even doubles of some, I think!   My computer is running really SLOW and I think it is because I don't have enough memory. 


I just installed the new Adobe CS6 and that was a BIG mistake.  The spinnning wheel of death doesn't stop! I wish I could load that program on my computer so I can use it "on the go", but I can't stand the spinning wheel! 


I want to clean up my computer and get rid of EVERYTHING on it!!     Then, re-install the factory settings to run Lion.  I believe this will make the wheel stop spinning.


However, how do I make sure that all of the extra stuff that is attached to the app, ( including all the cache') is deleted too?   I don't want to have to buy MacKeeper! 


I am hoping the computer wizards or the apple team can give me an answer on how to clean up everything and start over.  I have saved everything on my desktop mac. 

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    First DO NOT BUY MacKeeper. It is as close to Malware as you can get.


    Boot the system from the recovery HD, Command+r at stratup. From that you erase the Macintosh HD partition usig Disk Utility and then exit DU when that fiinshes. Then select Reinstall Mac OS X. Your current versionof OS X will be downloaded from the internet and once that is finished the system will reboot and the install will start. When that completes your Mac will be like it was when you first took it out of the box.

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    Thank you so much for the help!  I had heard bad things about MacKeeper and I don't want to screw up my macbook  any more than it already is!  I will do as you suggest.  Do you believe this is the best solution for the problem I described?


    Should I load my Adobe Creative Suite 6 (in the cloud version) on an external hard drive? 


    I am so tired of this spinning wheel....should I avoid putting the CS6 on my macbook pro altogether?

    I have it on my desk top mac, but wanted to be able to take the photo editing with me when I am "out and about".  I know I should probably buy the ipad, which would transport much easier, but even the ipad probably doesn't have the capacity to hold all the Adobe CS6 apps, correct?