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1. How do I search for an extension?


2. Where is the link to the Privacy Policies, TOS or EULAs of a Safari Extension?

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    Go to Safari Preferences > Extensions.  Make sure it's turned on:


    Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 11.55.56 PM.png

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    Thank you, but Wow!! you didn't even read the thread title or my questions!


    I guess I wasn't clear enough, I was referring to extensions.apple.com.


    I want a link to the TOS, Privacy Policy and/or EULA BEFORE I install it.  and I'd like to be able to search extensions.apple.com instead of having to wade through it.

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    Yes, I did read them.  Sorry if I misunderstood.  If you are looking for new Extensions, Go to the Safari Menu (Upper Left corner) and go down to "Extensions."

    I don't know why you're asking since you have the URL.


    Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 12.00.03 AM.png

    You wish I had the answer for you.  I wish you could be clearer about what exactly it is that you want.

    Sorry I haven't been helpful.

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    I am asking how to search for an extension when at extensions.apple.com - not go through each section browsing for them.


    As to the privacy policies, etc...  I see links to the developer websites some of which point to expired domains (i.e. the "YouTubeWide" extension).  It seems that the bulk of these extensions do not have a privacy policy or TOS of any kind.  I guess my question is actually a feature request, I will submit it as such.


    I would hope by now that apple would have an extensions page similar to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/extensions/  


    Sorry if I a came off as all huffy about this, that was not my intent.

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    I know . . . it's unwieldy as h3ll.

    I even googled it, and there's just no easy way to skim over them.

    A one-page list would be good, then click on for more info, including all the TOS stuff you're looking for.

    It's mind-boggling sometimes.

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    osx - A way to prevent 3rd-party elements to be loaded on Safari ...

    From Stackoverflow user: "a proof-of-concept Safari extension to block external resources (images, objects, and scripts, but NOT link elements, such as stylesheet links) until allowed.


    I would check this extension out, included in the gallery:

    Terms of Service; Didn't Read



    By "wade through it" I assume you mean visit every developer website in the Gallery to view their terms and conditions, rather than having the gallery include this information. Apple's TOC for the extensions gallery is self-explanatory in this regard:


    Extensions can modify the appearance and behavior of Safari, and access your private information at websites. Apple is providing links to these extensions as a courtesy, and makes no representations regarding the extensions or any information related thereto. When you download and install an extension, the file is delivered by the developer, not by Apple. Some of the extensions listed here may require payment to the developer for use of the extension; this transaction is between the user and the developer. Any questions, complaints, claims, or support requests regarding an extension must be directed to the appropriate software developer.

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    Good eye!!


    Just saw that light grey on dark grey text, so looked at the source and it is in a <p class="sosumi"> tag.  At least apple has a sense of humor about it.


    But, no, the "wade through it" comment referred to the lack of a search feature at extensions.apple.com


    I do have TOS,didn't read it installed, and their legal and privacy policy are very clear.


    But looking at how mozilla handles it: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/docs/policies/reviews


    I think I'm switching back to FF, Safari extensions are pretty much the wild, wild west.