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I need a help regarding issues with my macbook pro. I am getting bluescreen on start up. Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzryrh5x-Rs


I did new reinstall of mountain lion but it was working for about 10min, after I did first update, I did restart but it just stopped at grey screen.

I went also to apple shop, they did tests and said that all HW tests are ok and it should be something software related.


What could be causing this issues? Could be logic bord regarding all HW tests?


Interesting thing is that when it is doing recovery it can be powered whole night with no problems.


A also did pram reset but no luck.





Macbook pro, late 2011, 2.2 i7

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Run these steps first. I see you reinstalled. Run the other troubleshooting options, particularly in the second article.

    If you see a blue screen at startup - Support - Apple

    Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup - Support - Apple


    If it persists, run the Apple hardware test. It could be your logicboard ...specifically thinking your discrete GPU since this has been such a big issue for these models.


    Using Apple Hardware Test - Support - Apple


    Message was edited by: nbar Completely misread the OP. I see hardware diagnostics checked out. Can you boot into SAFE MODE without trouble?

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    Hi nbar,


    I runned Apple Hardware test for at least 10 times. The result was no errors.


    I can not start apple in safe mode as I get blue screen. In apple recovery mode, I can run macbook for 10h with no blue screen and etc.


    Could be HD?


    Is Apple hardware test reliable?


    I also read a lot threats about this issues.  Why apple pretending that this is not an issue with this models if there are so many threats about this issues and forums...




    I guess I will nevery buy Apple again, this is my second macbook pro. Fist was this with nvida issue.


    THanks anyone for help!!!

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    Use Internet Recovery to install OS X on a external drive and boot from it.


    .Create a data recovery/undelete external boot drive



    Test and grab your files off the internal drive if necessary




    Then reset your Mac from Internet Recovery, not RecoveryHD


    Reset your Mac



    BTW, you must have done something like this already as your OS X boot volume is named "Untitled"

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    Use DSstore instructions. The recovery volume is a hidden partition on your disk, which ML creates upon installation. Use internet recovery....first you should move all your data to an external HD, then you should wipe your whole drive. I would recommend a 1X pass erase if you have a traditional HDD. If you have a SSD, this is not an option because it isn't necessary. Subsequently you can reinstall the OS, not from your native recovery partition (which is now gone), but from Apple's server.




    I went also to apple shop, they did tests and said that all HW tests are ok and it should be something software related.


    The hardware test used by Apple in shop includes testing your drive. The Apple Hardware Test available to users at home only tests your RAM and logicboard. If your machine was okay after running tests at the Apple store, your drive is fine.

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    OK, but is it reliable? If do not show any errors is this 100% sure that HW is ok?


    A already clean my whole drive, but stil the same. Osx was working work about 10min, after reboot, here we go again with grey screen...


    Apple hardware test finds nothing, I guess in apple servis did also other tests and they say is ok. I am try for at least 10 times that I can access apple recovery menu, as I am getting all the time blue screens.


    Why is apple refusing to refound this or something like that if there are so many threats about this issue?

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    This is not software related. You did a clean wipe of your whole drive via internet recovery. This cannot be software related if the same issue persists right off the bat. This is an issue with your hardware. If it passed the Apple Hardware Test (at home, ran by you), it is most likely a bad hard drive. Take the machine back to an Apple retail store (not any third party shop) and have them run a full and extensive diagnostics test to pinpoint the faulty hardware.

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    Tnx nbar!


    If apple hw test shows no error, logic board should be ok?


    I will try to replace HD and to see if this help.


    p.s.: they said that they did all HW test and everything is ok.