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I am big on key commands because of my arthritis. Im alittle confused on how to highlight the top left menu bar... It seems if i press fn+command+F2 it is highlighted... but only sometimes... i find myself panicing asking why doesnt this work..? Then if i press fn+command+F2 the dock is highlighted and if i press fn+command+F2 right after it will work...?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I think that the default shortcut is Ctrl-F2 (fn may be required, depending on the setting in System Preferences - Keyboard - Use all F1, F2 keys...)


    You might check the shortcuts currently set in

    System Preferences - Keyboard - Keyboard Shortcuts - Keyboard & Text Input...

    specifically those for menu bar & Dock

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    This is so odd to me... I am on my imac now... trying to figure out the same thing... I am sitting here looking at the shortcuts... and it clearly says control F2...

    Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 5.59.37 PM.png

    But control F2 is not working.. then i find the fn key hold it down and there you have it... It works... I dont have much of a problem with this on my macbook because the fn key is right next to the control key... But on my imac (full keyboard) the fn key is super far away.. and a pain to hold down all three at the same time...

    Why could they say the command is control-F2, when it is really fn-control-F2!?!?

    I am guessing some thing because the F2 key works as brightness?

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    >>I am guessing some thing because the F2 key works as brightness?


    Exactly so - and if you check System Preferences - Keyboard you should see something similar to this


    2013-08-03 at 13.23.45.jpg


    where if you check the 'use all F1, F2 etc...' box, there's no need for the Fn key, except when you adjust brightness & other special features. Alernatively - alter the shortcuts in the window you pictured above, to something suitable.