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Basically I need someone to give me some advice on how to manage my Libraries on my different devices.


I have the following devices:


- Sony PC

- Mac Air

- Ipad 2

- Ipad Mini

- Iphone 4

- Apple TV

- Ipod Touch


I just finished copying my files from my PC to my new Mac Air, but I don't like how much space the TV series and movies are taking up (180 Gb of data).


If I try and delete a movie or TV series from my Itunes library on my new Mac Air I get a message that says

"This movie will also be deleted from any Ipod, iPhone, Ipad or any other device that syncronizes with your Itunes Library".


Ideally, I would simply like to keep the movies and TV series on the old PC because of the size of the Hard Drive. Can I delete the Movies and TV series from my Library in my new Mac Air and not lose them on the PC???




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