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Basically I need someone to give me some advice on how to manage my Libraries on my different devices.


I have the following devices:


- Sony PC

- Mac Air

- Ipad 2

- Ipad Mini

- Iphone 4

- Apple TV

- Ipod Touch


I just finished copying my files from my PC to my new Mac Air, but I don't like how much space the TV series and movies are taking up (180 Gb of data).


If I try and delete a movie or TV series from my Itunes library on my new Mac Air I get a message that says

"This movie will also be deleted from any Ipod, iPhone, Ipad or any other device that syncronizes with your Itunes Library".


Ideally, I would simply like to keep the movies and TV series on the old PC because of the size of the Hard Drive. Can I delete the Movies and TV series from my Library in my new Mac Air and not lose them on the PC???




MacBook Air
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    Deleting them from your Mac won't affect what is on your PC, the message just means that it will be removed from any device that is synced to your Mac's iTunes. If your devices will continue to be synced to your PC then you can safely delete them from your Mac without affecting them.

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    If you need to ensure your movies/tv shows will be okay, take a look at the Seagate Wireless Plus external hard drive.


    Hope this helps.