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  • nps jh Level 1 Level 1

    The correct number for support is 1-866-752-7753.

  • John Patten Level 1 Level 1

    Hi All...


    Just getting started with the process of imaging a few hundred iPad2s and I'm getting the same error on my first batch out of the gate.


    Unable to redeem code with the iTunes Store. Code 38

    Please Enter your Apple ID and password to redeem... Code 5306


    Does Apple check these forums?

  • John Patten Level 1 Level 1

    Just an update...


    I quit Configurator. Relaunched it and was immediatley promtpted for iTunes account credentials. I entered them and reconnected only a half dozen iPads and it appears to be working now. I will try additional devices once these are successfully configured.


    I should note that all my redemtion codes where still available (unused) as I stopped Configurator from configuring the the two dozen that were connected when I started seeing the error messages.


    It would appear the restart of Configurator was the solution as somebody earlier had mentioned.


    Hope that helps somebody else.

  • John Patten Level 1 Level 1

    New update...


    Just attempted to have 19 configuring at the same time and got the same errors. This leads me to believe there appears to be a limit on how many Configurator can configure.  It appears it can't do anything near 30 devices.

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    You can do a lot more than 30 devices. 


    I have Configurators that have 2,000-5,000 iPads supervised in them.  We supervise all the come in,  but leave the setting to allow the iPads to connect to a 2 nd configurator.  Then the iPads go to their sites. From there the site's configurator has 30-200 iPads in them. 


    The problem resides in a bug with the way configurator authenticates the codes.  Apple needs to do some work on this app!

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    My number is correct.  It is difectly to pro apps support.


    (866) 752-7753

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    Talked to AppleCare and they helped me figure my issue out.  My problem was that I had a different Apple ID in the Mac App Store (completely unrelated to the iTunes app store).  To find this, go the Search (up by the clock) and type app store.  Sign out and sign into this account with the same Apple ID you are using in Configurator.  Hope this helps!  BTW, the number to AppleCare is 1-866-752-7753.

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    Thanks for sharing that tip nps jh; had the exact same issue and this cleared it.

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    ...I had a different Apple ID in the Mac App Store (completely unrelated to the iTunes app store).

    That did the trick! In fact, I just signed out of the Mac Store and never signed in with my Apple Configurator AppleID. Thanks for sharing this!

  • theelysium Level 1 Level 1

    1) Disconnect all iOS devices from your computer and quit iTunes/Apple Configurator

    2) From the Finder, choose Go > Go to folder.

    3) Type the following and then press Return: /var/db/lockdown.

    4) Choose View > as Icons.

    The Finder window should display one or more files with long alphanumeric file names.

    5) In the Finder, choose Edit > Select all.

    6) Choose File > Move to Trash. Enter an administrator password if prompted.

    Note: Don't delete the Lockdown folder itself. Delete only the files contained inside the Lockdown folder.

    7) Reopen iTunes.

    8) From the top menu bar choose Store / Authorize This Computer

    9) Enter the iTunes user name and password used to download the apps (NOT the one used to purchase spreadsheets)

    Repeat for each account used to download apps

    10) Reimport an app in to Apple Configurator (you can just over-right any app, free or paid)

    This should prompt you for the same user name and password used in iTunes

    Again, repeat if different iTunes accounts were used to download any apps

    Reconnect your iOS device and test.

    These instructions can also be found at but they do not address Apple Configurator in the article.



    This walk through will help remove most errors exept 9517 or NULL.  Those errors are not fixable and VPP support will have to replace your codes.


    Hope this helps

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    My problem was that I had a different Apple ID in the Mac App Store (completely unrelated to the iTunes app store)...


    This resolved the issue for me.


    Thank you so much

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    I get what your problem is.  This thread does not revolve around you, Mr. Narcissist.  Everyone else in the thread other than you is talking about the subject of fixing corrupted codes.


    Bugger off!

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    Sorry,  I was just thanking the person who actually answered the question that was originally asked (proior to it being hijacked).  People are asking about "unable to redeem code" not corrupted codes.  I signed up just to say thanks.  Last time i'll be doing thant

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    My god, thank you so much for posting that. Signed out of the mac App Store on my personal account, and boom, Configurator started redeeming codes again. It was driving me absolutely crazy.