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I bought my MacBook Pro in May 2011 and this evening I noticed the trackpad wasn't clicking as strongly as if normally does. Apparently I pressed too hard and now the trackpad is cracked at the bottom in the center (where everyone else's seems to be cracked). SInce I am outside of the 1 yr warranty, how much will it cost to fix?

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    We can't give you a price because we don't know it. Take it to an Apple Store or reseller and the Genius will tell you the cost

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    The trackpad and the keyboard on the Unibody Macs are bonded to the case and can't be replaced individually. So, the whole component, called the "topcase", needs to be replaced, a very labor-intensive task. Expect to pay over $600 for the fix.

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    Thats about right, but it all depends on the GENIUS serving you.  Do they think its your fault or not?

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    Trackpad are very sentitive never press too hard can easily damage it,just need only minimal press unforn u force press and damage it,will cost alot for replace it....good luck for repair

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    They shouldnt crack under normal use. The key word is "normal".  I realize there's no point buying applecare.  My screen broke.  I had told an agent on applecare on the phone the day it happened, but couldnt tend to it bc of my circumstances.  The agent said he would make a note and not to worry. i was able to taake time to get it fixed bc i couldnt even notice it, but my friend made me realize it was apparent.  I dont have 20/20 vision and i never would have remembered.  finally, I went to apple on 14th st in manhattan and was told the crack came from an impact and was accidental damage.  I told the genius it was not impacted or damaged by anyone.  Thats how i bought it and there should actually be two  notes in their system that this was discussed previously.  The day before i went to apple, i was assured this wasnt a big deal..  the genius was, aside from rude, didnt give a fair argument. he said he wasnt saying i did it, but he was also saying he didnt know how it happened.  So, I was left with a $610 bill.  he told me to call amex since they cover this!  I'm pretty much through buying apples. 


    I also had an issue in regards to my cord fraying on my late 2010 macair.  I know as a fact I never did anything other than use that computer for possibly 1 hour a week.  I know the cords are fragile.  This was my second replacement.  But since this fray was in the middle if the cord, i was told it had to have been damaged by me.  Impossible.  I have a wire organizer box.  this has the cords loosely placed and not kinked or wrapped wrong.


    I had enough. 

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    I understand ur frustration of finding problems on ur mac and then wire but you have to think nothing is invincible,there are hundred or thousand hav problems on mac,accessories whatever and people complain some win some lose... there is nothing you can do... dont think pc window will have no problems anything is electronic will hav problems...its just bad luck