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I've started discussions, read this forums for weeks but still can't see any info on what causes you to have to SMC Reset..


I only do it to boot comp back up when it doesnt


Run a Mac Book Pro 2.2  Intel Core Duo  4Gb RAM 


Seem to have bad battery but various peple here write that that wouldn't have anything to do with powering up issues.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Bad Battery ("Service Battery')
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    went thru all of that info.. the when , the how etc.. thanx ... still that does not tell us the causes.. what causes it, how do I fix it .. SMC reset works, fine.. for a few times then have to do it again ..

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    Maybe in the for-pay Developer boards they have more insight as to the inner workings of the products. And most will be covered by NDAs.


    And I'm not talking about the ones at the bottom of the ASC main page. Talking about the ones at Developer.Apple.com, currently still down after a security breach.

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    No idea what you talking bout but thanx for your 'help'

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    That's exactly why you will not find satisfaction for your "question".


    Here you will only find regular users. People who use the products and make by with whatever dreck Apple puts out as "documentation". Some have gained more insight after years of trial and error.


    Developers who pay Apple to have access to internal documents and, in some cases, the engineers who design the products, can get to know how they were designed and why. Needed to be able to develop the software being produced for sale. But since much of that infornation helps Apple differentiate from other computers, access is restricted and covered by a Non Disclosure Agreement.


    People and companies who pay to be registered as Apple Developers have their own portal and forums at developer.apple.com

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    I do not thorougly understand your question but SMC is the subsystem that manages the power, both from battery and charger.

    If your battery is in trouble (what trouble?  - please, place as much info you can otherwise will be hard to help you and many may ignore ypour help) try to calibrate it (http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1490) and if you don't get result the perform an SMC reset (http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3964) followed by a PRAM reset (press and hold CMD+ALT+P+R atstartup until you hera at least a couple of "boing"'s restarts. The leave and let the Mac boot.



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    Question is :



    What's causing me to having to do SMC reset  to boot comp. up ?  


    I have "Service Battery" for battery status.. jus cant replace til end of august , I 'm traveling


    I can't seem to be able to think of a better way to put these questions, hmmm, sorry and thanx !



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    The problem is that one is unlikely to know what caused a problem, only that there now is a problem. Resetting the SMC may help if the problem you are trying to fix is caused by anything in the system that the SMC is used to control. The SMC itself is a chip controlled by its own firmware. The SMC chip itself does not cause a problem unless there is a bug in the firmware - not very likely.


    If you have to reset the SMC to correct a problem but the problem is recurring, then you have to look at what may be going on with your software that is causing the recurring issue - corrupt file, corrupt cache file, etc.


    Thus, we don't have a definitive answer for you. Perhaps this is a problem created by Windows since OS X isn't running when you say the problem arises.

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    You think Windows could have created a problem like this? After multiple smc resets i left it alone then couple hours later it booted up, what's strainge is i had , was hitting the power at least a couple times before it booted up, so weird almost make me think at power button ... hmmm...


    Also , somebody told me also that some Mac Book Pro 2.2 wont boot up properly if the battery is dead even with ac adapter plugged in ... since i show  a 'service battery' that had me thinkin  

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    A bad battery can cause the SMC to throttle the CPU clock speed because the AC adaptor cannot provide sufficient power to run the computer especially if the CPU is stressed. Windows cannot control how the computer's firmware operates, and how that might impact on Windows itself. So, yes, it can be an issue associated with a dying battery and/or the computer running Windows.

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    thanx that info helps me understand a lot    but still not understanding where windows figures , i am not running windows as far as i know ? 

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    I only do it to boot comp back up when it doesnt


    Talk about sinility. I read that as "boot camp."