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I went thru all the how to, when to, do SMC Reset... still that does not tell us the causes.. what causes it, how do I fix it ?


SMC reset works, sure... but for a few times then have to do it again.. Havent been able to isolate the issue.. only 'when to d SMC reset" well obv. having botting up issues there isnt' much of an other trick to get machine to power up .. anyway Im still trying to figure otu what is causing it, not how or when to do  it !


That Ive learned easily  


Wikipedia SMC reset page says this about SMC corruption causes :



This is due to the fact the SMC may become corrupted over time and not respond properly to certain requests. This sort of corruption can be triggered by a power surge.


* I noticed most of the times comp wont turn on happens after a night's sleep when it's been off and plugged in wall socket with AC adapter

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)