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I have some files on my hard drive I am wanting to access via my mac. I originally downloaded the flies on my desktop PC and wasn't all that surprised when I wasn't able to view them or even see that they exist on the hard drive when I tried to access them. Then I copied the files on the hard drive to another pc laptop and connected to the network and accessed my mac through that computer and it clearly connected right away and I was able to access everything on my mac. So I tried transfering those files over to my mac. Still didn't work. Again, didn't surpirse me that much. So then I got back on my mac and accessed the other laptop and wasn't able to see ANY of the files on it. Which was a little weird (I do this all the time between my desktop at home and my mac and have never had any issues). Eventually, I decided I would cut my loss of time and try downloading that file again directly on to my mac. It started downloading and still didn't see or recognize anything. At this point my brain started pondering, "okay, this is weird." So then I tried downloading several random different files that I have downloaded on this mac before and still nothing... they appear to be downloading and going somewhere on the mac but are obviously not showing up where they are suppose to be going. Although, it only appears to be doing this, the mac might be decieving me! lol


Now before you start with, "check the download location" and "check the download file." I have built several computers and know my way around a pc and mac and I will tell you that I do know enough about macs and pcs that this was my first solution as well. But, alas, all my typical trouble shoot "go tos" are not working. But I am human and do make mistakes... Am I missing something obvious? Or has anyone else had this problem and have an answer?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)