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after downloading my pics from a sd card, my photos sow that master image is not available. can someone help? i am a new mom and all the pictures are of my son. i have deleted them from the sd card. I am not fmiliar with aperture so sorry if this is a dumb question. i just really want to be able to export, print and actually have my photos.


thanks in advanced

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010)
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    missbeba, tell us more, please.

    It is hard to guess, what might be wrong without more information.


    First of all, what is your Aperture version and what is your MacOS X version?


    my photos show that master image is not available


    Where does Aperture expect your photos to be? You can see that, when you select one of the photos with the missing master/original and use the command "File > Locate Referenced Files".

    This will open a panel, with the versions with missing master in the upper part, and to the right is a thumbnail of the selected image. Below the thumbnail is the file path the original file. What does it say? Are your missing photos still in that location?

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    thank you for your want to help. my mac version is OS X 10.6 and my aperture is 3.2.4.  I did look in the referenced files but im not sure i understand. under file i did try to select relocate the master image, but it just says that the master is either offline or cannot be located.