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I need to pull pictures off of an iphone 4 and onto an iphone 4s.  The display on the iphone 4 is corrupt and will not fire up.  I'm attempting to pull the pics off the iphone 4 and onto a laptop.  I'm unable to unlock the phone because I can not see the display.  Is there any way I can get through to the iphone 4s and pull the pictures off?

iPhone 4
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    You can connect your iphone to the computer via USB.  If you have a PC (Windows), an autoplay popup box should appear with the option to import photos/videos to your computer. 

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    When I hook up the iPhone to the laptop I get the following message " iTunes could not back up the iPhone "name here" because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPhone before it can be backed up".  I'm attempting to backup the iPhone 4 so I can pull the pics off and onto a iPhone 4S.  The iPhone 4 display is not functional and it basically a black screen.  Thus I'm replacing the iPhone 4 with the 4S and I'm attempting to get various things off the 4 and onto the 4S.  Not loosing pictures is key.