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Hi there,


I am using iPhone 5, iPad 4 and digital av adapter. Video mirroring works fine but can't control volume while the devices are plugged with the digital av adapter. The volume button just disappear when it is plugged.


I use 24 inch monitor with speaker and non-apple HDMI cable.


Wondering anyone has any idea.


Thank you for your comments in advance.

iPad (4th gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.1.4
  • mantos Level 1 (10 points)

    When an apple device is connected to a HDMI display e.g. a TV, it is possible indeed usual for the sound output to be also automatically sent over the HDMI connection to the TV speakers. This works fine.


    However, in this configuration the on-screen volume control on the apple device is disabled and the device has no way itself to control the volume level. The volume level can be controlled on the TV. As this stands, this could be considered normal correct behavior.

  • robdrage Level 4 (2,765 points)

    I have run into this as well,

    When connected and mirroring, swipe up to open the control center

    select the airplay icon and change the sound output back to the ipad.

    you will then have volume control once again.



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    I see.


    Thanks to all!