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My daughter deleted a page in my notes that had some very important information.  I need to recover it!  The problem is that when I went to pull the information, a new icloud backup had occured.  Any ideas on how to recover the missing information?

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    Apple states that the last three back ups should be available upon restore. I haven't had to restore any of my devices, so can't confirm this, although I've seen other users posts both confirming it and not.


    If you are able to access an earlier back up, take not that restoring notes is a bit tricky.


    The difficulty in restoring iCloud data from a back up is that the back up is older than the current version on iCloud and anything that is restored gets removed again when an iCloud sync occurs.


    Recovering your notes is quite time consuming, you may wish not to save all your notes to save some time, if they are not of importance.


    1. Ensure the device is connected to your local network.
    2. Start the restore from iCloud back up.
    3. Allow the devices settings to restore (watch for the confirmation of completion).
    4. As the apps begin to restore pull the connection to your router WAN port (the one that goes to the telephone point).
    5. Wait for the time out confirmation.
    6. Open the 'Notes' app, and open your first note (assuming your deleted notes have now been restored).
    7. Select the share option at the foot of the screen (rectangle with arrow) and choose mail.
    8. Send the email to yourself (If they won't send, save them to draft)
    9. Repeat steps 7 & 8, until you have copied all the notes you wish to save to email.
    10. Reconnect the router to the internet and let the restore process complete.
    11. Navigate to settings > iCloud and make sure 'Notes' syncing is enabled.
    12. Open the 'Notes' app, check that iCloud notes have reverted to how they were before starting the restore.
    13. Open the 'Mail' app and open the first email you sent yourself and copy the text you want in the note.
    14. Open the 'Notes' app and create a new note in the iCloud, paste the text you copied.
    15. Go to iCloud.com on a computer and check that the note has synced to iCloud.
    16. Repeat steps 12, 13 & 14 until you have recovered all your notes.


    May I suggest that you carry out a back up to iTunes before you try anything, that way should things become even worse, you can at least restore back to where you are now.

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    Thanks for this.  Appreciate your help.

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    Thank you. I will try this recovery option. 

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    When in 'lock' mode, my phone still says its restoring from icloud backup.  It's been a few hours.  I too deleted some 'notes' from another device and didn't realize it deleted them from my phone, laptop, etc.  Very important info I am missing.  I need it back.  Should have stuck wtih my ole pen & paper method :-/


    When do I know that the phone's settings have restore?  I fear I have passed that point, as it looks like apps are downloading.  Please help?

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    Unless that converter app is available through the app store, I would not consider downloading it. The only safe downloads are through the app store.