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I have a 5th generation airport extreme that I am using with Sky fibre broadband in the UK.  It is working fine I am however experiencing an issue that I have never seen with a router before which is that it making a hissing or buzzing sound under certain conditions.


It is not really loud and I have to be pretty close to hear it, I have not done any extensive testing however it seems to only be happening when connected to my Macbook Pro over 5GHZ wifi and some activity such as copying a file is taking place.  I have owned an airport extreme (5th gen too) previously and never noticed this then although I could have just missed it.



I have found similar cases searching online but these mostly seem to indicate that they had the router replaced only to experience the same thing on the replacement!  I have a genius appointment at the weekend but as I live a fair way from the store I’d rather not go in if this turns out to be normal behaviour, especially as it is (at the moment) really not that loud. Likewise however any kind of hissing or fizzing from a router just does not seem right to me and I’d also worry that it could maybe get worse. 


Anybody else experienced this?