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I Have just got a new airport extreme and I have a dlink dsl2730b Modem. I am trying to run a server and want to make the airport extreme handle dhcp and nat, but I cant seem to set the modem up. I get the double nat message on airport utility. If I set up the modem in 'bridge' mode it does not even ask for my isp user name and password, so that wont work.. Does anyone know how to set this up?

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    If you set up the modem in bridge mode.....which you must do if you want the AirPort Extreme to run the DHCP and NAT service.... then you have to enter the PPPoE credendials for log on name and password during the setup of the AirPort Extreme.


    Put the modem in bridge mode


    Hard Reset the AirPort Extreme by holding in the reset button for 9-10 seconds and release. Allow a full minute for the AirPort Exteme to restart


    Connect the Ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN "O port on the AirPort Extreme


    Restart the modem again and let it run a few minutes


    Run the setup of the AirPort Extreme to "Create a wireless network". The setup utility will ask for your PPPoE user name and password. Leave the Service Name area blank if asked.


    Once the AirPort Extreme is set up, you may need to power off and restart both the modem and AirPort Extreme. Power off both devices, then start the modem first, and let it run a minute or two, then start the AirPort Extreme.

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    oh wow. I would never have thought to do that. Thanks so much. I cant test this until tomorrow, I will let you know how I go. We use PPPoA here in New Zealand and generally have to add verious settings on the modem, so I hope it works. I just tried turning NAT enable off on the modem then it just didnt work at all.
    Thaks SO much Bob. A lot of time spent on this. Will let you know how it pans out. Cheers Ross

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    We use PPPoA here in New Zealand and generally have to add verious settings on the modem, so I hope it works

    Then unfortunately, my instructions will not work since the AirPort Extreme does not support PPPoA. Wish that we had known this before.


    We'll have to wait for more help from someone who has a PPPoA connection set up to see if there are any additional ways to configure things.


    As it stands, I think that you will likely have to use the Dlink modem to connect, then run the AirPort Extreme in Bridge Mode if you want to avoid the Double NAT error.

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    ****. I am trying to run a server so I need the Airport Extreme to run the DHCP and NAT because it makes all the set up of services so much easier. I can't be the only person who has tried to do this. Thanks for your help

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    This modem will convert PPPoA to PPPoE.  I know from forum posts that it works very well in the UK. I do not know if it will work in New Zealand. Draytek Vigor support could probably answer.


    Vigor 120 ADSL Ethernet Modem - DrayTek

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    Yes, the Draytek 120 is a good solution.


    You can also use half-bridge if the dlink supports it although it is becoming rare now.


    What server are you trying to run? The reality is port forwarding in the Extreme is often poor and the dlink is actually easier to configure.

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    LaPastenague is a lot closer to New Zealand than I am, so if he says it will work, it will work.

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    Thanks for your advice. It sounds like the Draytek 120 will be the way to go, although I will see if I can enable half-bridge mode on the the dlink. I am setting up the Mountain Lion Server for someone. I want to use the Airport Extreme because it interfaces with the software and enables services when you turn them on in the server software ( at least thats the idea).
    How is the dlink easier?

    I want to make it as easy as possible because they are not particularly tech saavy.

    But I have previously not used the airport extreme with a server, so it is untested territory for me too.

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    The only significant server application is Back to My Mac.. and that is not relevant as you can easily forward the required port to the server IP.. indeed BTMM should work fine with upnp on the dlink.


    VPN or any other services are located on the server.. and yes, you might need to manually port forward but it is relatively easy.


    Some services are totally blocked on the AE depending on the firmware.. FTP is for example a no go in 7.6.3 firmware and I think also people are struggling with 7.7 firmware so thinking that Apple is going to solve everything is far from reality. Apple do not test things they don't directly use.


    Dlink are not my favourite box by any means.. but simple port forwarding should be fine. It really depends on exactly what servers you are talking about.