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Redibyx Level 1 (0 points)

A lot of my friends who are bying Logic Pro X are wondering if there will be possible to buy Waveburner in App Store?

There is no Logic Studio Bundle left on the market. And now with Logic Pro X people are wondering. Me too, but i still hang on to Logic 9 in that case.


Waveburner is a killer app. Great for mastering and burning CD's

  • Blueberry Level 4 (2,920 points)

    Waveburner seems to be EOL (End-of-live) for a couple of years. I don't think it will come back.

  • t.kuerrev Level 1 (70 points)

    I do have a large number of waveburner projects in my archive. I urgently need a version of waveburner on my mac. But no chance to download an older version in the appstore. I can download an update version of WB (1.6.2), but if I try to install, my system says "There is no need to install this" and puff - off it goes. I try to find my old CD install disc of Logic 9 and try to install WB from there.

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    Sorry for a late reply, as I am going to start getting in the habit of providing feedback to the community for users with questions. Don't recall seeing Wave burner as a downloaded application from the App Store. May have been just a Logic Pro 8-9 thing unfortunately.

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    Yes, it seems to be off the shelf forever. Did you find it buggy? I always half-hated using it, but it is probably the best mastering software I have encountered, other than the hiccups I found awfully frustrating, simply because the interface is perfect for getting exactly the cross-fades you want between tracks.


    Sound Designer II was the first thing I ever used, this is another legacy software I wish was available.


    Obsolete? Why?