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So i bought an iphone off kijiji and i was told it was unlocked. Well when i turned it on it was disabled and needed to be connected to itunes. So i just factory reset the phone and when i turned it on i realized i didnt have a a sim card yet or even knew what company it is with to buy one for the phone. So im unsure of what i can do to figure out which provider the phone is with.

iPhone 4S
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    If it's truly, legitimately unlocked, it doesn't matter what carrier you decide to use. If it's unlocked, that means it's not "with" any carrier in particular.


    If it IS carrier locked, then your first course of action should be to return it and get a refund as it was misrepresented.


    Barring that, you can call AppleCare and give them the serial number. They can tell you if it's locked and to what carrier.

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    Yeah which is what i was thinking, but my only concern is going and buying a sim card for a carrier and it turning out to be locled to a specific provider. & i tried calling the person i bought it from to refund it but i haven't got much luck so far. I wasn't sure about if there was a way to call apple or not didn't think of looking into it much. thank you for the suggestion.