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I have my airport express connected to my computer via ethernet cable and I have the airport connected to my network via airport utility (the network is with U-Verse).

But in the network connection settings it says that I'm connected but there's no internet access. The map in Network and sharing center looks like this:


(This computer) =============== Unidentified Network =======X========Internet


I can't plug in the ethernet to the uverse itself because it's in the basement. So it is connecting wirelessly.


The airport gets an ip:

But the CMD prommpt shows no ip.


Hope you can help!



airport express, Windows 7
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    You are doing this the hard way.. why not just use a USB wireless stick or even a wireless card in the computer.. that is going to be much the faster, easier, cleaner way to do it.


    To get the Express to work you need to put it in Join a wireless network mode to the uverse wireless.. it is being used as ethernet bridge to a non-apple router.. so cannot use extend wireless..


    Join is hidden in the options of the airport utility.. on the PC version of the utility I am not sure but try holding the alt key when you select wireless mode.


    Join a wireless network will then need you to type in the values for the SSID and password to the uverse modem's wireless.