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What do I have to do to my Apple Extreme to switch it from a DSL broadband modem to a cable modem?

Solved by Ed E on Aug 7, 2013 11:18 AM Solved
Ok, that worked. Thanks guys.
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 Level 10

    Can you please provide the make and model number of the cable modem?

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    It's a Cisco DPC 3008.

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    Forum expert Tesserax has exactly what you need in this User Tip


                     AirPort - Complete Power Recycle

  • Ed E Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks but it didn't work.

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    Sorry that this did not work for you.....but Tesserax's tip did work perfectly for me on the AirPort Extreme with a new cable modem that replaced a DSL modem a few weeks ago.


    That is why I recommended this tip.


    Not sure what else to suggest, but perhaps another user can help. Good luck.

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    Did you do the factory reset of the AE?? That is necessary. The AE keeps too many values from the last setup to easily move to a new configuration.


    The quick method of factory reset.

    Please look at Time Capsule (TC) as the same thing as the Extreme.


    Power down the TC.

    Hold in reset. and keep holding it in. Be Gentle! It is a tiny surface mount switch with a plastic lever.. Attempting to push it out the other side of the TC will not make the switch turn on better.

    (I fix TC and have several reset levers bent over and jammed or broken off).

    Power on the TC.. remember with the reset held in.. this needs three arms.. a friend or power switch you can get to with your feet..

    Keep holding in reset for about 10sec until the front LED flashes rapidly.

    Release reset and wait .. the boot will be slow as it deletes previous setting.. only from router side and pulls out the factory defaults. No files are deleted on the hard disk.. but the name of the TC may change.


    The power cycle of the cable modem is very important.. it has to be off completely for 20min and sometimes longer.. overnight. Some battery backup version modems do not go off without removing the battery.. even unscrew the coax cable.


    Make sure when you power up the modem only the AE is plugged in. Make sure the AE is set to router mode.. DHCP + NAT.. and is plugged in WAN port to the LAN port of the modem.


    If you keep having trouble post again..


    We need to know the model of the AE and firmware it is running.


    Also what version utility on what OS you are setting it up from.

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    Please take a look at this thread to see if there might be something that you are missing in your setup. The same basic instructions worked just fine here:



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    Will do when I get a chance. Will advise results then.

  • Ed E Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, that worked. Thanks guys.