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I'm having issues connecting my Google Chromecast to my Apple Airport Express (latest gen) with default settings.

Is there any settings I need to change from default?  I'm controlling the Airport Express using the ipad Aiport Utility.


I'm using my Windows laptop and it is able to communicate with the Chromecast (looks like by wifi), but when I try to have the Chromecast connect to Airport, it fails.




Airport Express
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    This is completely outside my experience.. but all devices that work in the windows world use SMB networking protocol.. that requires certain things be true.. names.. in particular must be readable by a device.. names must be short.. no spaces and pure alphanumeric.


    Try changing the wireless name on the Express to something like




    Turn off security if that is not sufficient and see if it works sans security.. only briefly and as a test.


    Use the windows version airport utility to see what the express is doing and if it can detect the Chromecast wireless.

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    Issue was my work laptop.  I tried a macbook and it worked fine.

    I can cast from macbook/ipad/iphone, but my windows laptop cannot cast.