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I have very slow internet even though I am paying for 7Megs.  My speed tests consistenly come back slow, so slow I can't even stream my school videos.  Verizon tell me my line is fine.  The speed test and perfomance says otherwise. 

Is there anything that I may need to set on the Mac that I dont know about? I"m very new to computers. I have a macbook pro.


Thank you in advance.

Mac Pro
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    We are looking at specific issues to apple routers.. what apple router do you have? We cannot answer general queries on why internet is slow.. unless it is being caused by apple router.


    Have you plugged your MBP into the modem by ethernet.. and done a speed test.. nothing else in the house turned on. Wireless in the MBP off. What speed do you get.. ??


    If it is still slow you have to work it out with Verizon .. get them to send a technician who can check the speed.