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I have had multiple problems with drum apps. Specifically GarageBand and Rata-Tap Drums. It just starts happening. I would hit a drum or cymbal around 10 times fast while recording it in the app. But when I listen to what I recorded it would be inconsistent to what I did. For example, I hit a drum 10 times fast, but when I listen to it it sounds like 15 times. When I slowly hit them it was fine. To solve it with R-Tap Drums, I just deleted and then redownloaded it. But GarageBand takes up almost a gigabyte and I have songs saved on there and I wanted to know if there are any solutions to fix it without deleting it or anything.


I would hit it like this: x x x x x x x x


It would sound like this in the replay: xx x xx x xx x x xx

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3, GarageBand, R-Tap Drums