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I'm using an ATV2 with HDMI going to my TV and an Optical cable going to my Pioneer receiver. I am not able to get any audio signal through the Optical out of the ATV. Dolby digital is set to "on" in the ATV and my receiver is set to accept a digital signal. I have seen some other message boards discussing this as being a common problem that may be an apple related issue. I'm just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience and figured out a way to work around it.


Thanks in advance!

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    I wouldn't say similar issues are reported commonly, but there are enough of them on a reasonably regular basis, to be considered more than a handful. The majority of such reports appear to be resolved by making settings adjustments, on either the Apple TV or the receiver.


    I'm unlikely to be familiar with your receiver, but you might want to try with 'Dolby Digital' set to off.