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My new tv asks me to press the WPS button on my router to connect the tv to WiFi, but I noticed that my AirPort Extreme does not have a WPS button. How should I connect my tv to WiFi?

AirPort Extreme
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    As you noticed the AirPorts do not employ a WPS "button." Instead they offer limited WPS support via the AirPort Utility and primarily for printers. However, it may be possible that it would work for your TV.


    To access this feature within the AirPort Utility:


    • AirPort Utility > Select your Extreme > Edit
    • From the utility's menu bar, select "Base Station," then "Add WPS Printer."
    • Choose the "First attempt" option, and then, click on Continue.
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    I have tried this, and under Base Station, there is no "Add WPS Printer" choice. However, there is an "Add Wireless Clients" option and even that is gray and unclickable. Could this be because my version is 7.6.3?

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    FWIW ... Both my 4th gen Extreme and 4th gen Time Capsule run 7.6.3. I am also using AirPort Utility 6.3.1.

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    How could I make the "Add Wireless Clients" a possible option? Would that help allow me to connect wifi to my Tv?

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    "Add Wireless Clients" was a precursor to the "Add WPS Printer" option. It basically had the same options once selected. Off-hand I don't know why it is not enabled for you. Which version of the AirPort Utility are you using? Is the Extreme the only wireless router in your current network?


    Also does your TV offer a method to manually configure wireless or is WPS the only option available to you?

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    I have Airport Extreme and I upgraded to Airport Utility 7.6.4. I had a similar situation where the Add Wireless Clients is grayed out and I dont see an option for Add WPS Printer. I was trying to connect Netgear WNCE2001 Universal Wifi Adapter to my Sony Blu Ray Player. My Airport Utility automatically picked the new wireless client. You wil be able to view it

    • AirPort Utility > Select your Extreme > Wireless Clients


    Please go to your Blu ray player or TV's Internet/Network settings to setup the connection. I hope this helps

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    However, there is an "Add Wireless Clients" option and even that is gray and unclickable.


    If you are using AirPort Utility 6.3.1......


    Open AirPort Utility

    Click on the AirPort Extreme icon

    Click Edit in the small box that appears


    Now you can select the Add Wireless Clients or Add WPS Printer option under the Base Station menu.


    If you are using AriPort Utility 5.x.....


    Open AirPort Utility

    Click on the AirPort Extreme icon

    Click Manual Setup


    Now you can select, etc.


    There is not a WPS "button". Instead, you would use the "First Attempt" option to connect, which is the same as if there were a button.

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    For the Dutch amongst us....


    Zorg eerst dat je Mac/Time capsule is aangesloten op het juiste netwerk, als je meerder netwerknamen hebt. Ik wilde onder andere Ziggo TV kunnen kijken, maar had de range extender aangesloten op een ander netwerk dan het Ziggo netwerk. Ziggo tv herkende het netwerk niet, en dus geen Ziggo TV. Mijn 'pairing' procedure moest over door op 'reset' te duwen onder op de extender (de grote van de twee). Dat lukte trouwens best goed.


    De procedure om wifi-extender en netwerk via de 'WPS'- procedure op elkaar aan te sluiten is als volgt:

    - steek de Wifi-extender (de grote van de twee) in een stopcontact

    - open Lauchpad op je mac

    - open 'andere'

    - open 'Airport configuratieprogramma'

    - Er opent zich een menuvenster; klik op de afbeelding van je Time Capsule.

    - klik dan bovenin in je menubalk op 'Basisstation'

    - klik dan op 'voeg WPS printer toe'.

    - klik dan op 'eerste poging'. Dit is in feite de WPS knop, al heet hij anders.

    - klik binnen een minuut of twee op je Wifi-Extender (de grote van de twee) op mijn TP-Link zit de WPS knop verborgen in het onderste lampje. heel geniepig, je ziet niet eens dat het een knopje is.


    nu kun je de kleine AC-adapter met kabel naar je Airport in het stopcontact steken.

    en vervolgens kun je de wifi-extender op elk willekeurig stopcontact steken waar je zin in hebt....


    bij mij werkte het....


    Thanks guys for your support