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hello and thank you in advance.


I have two airport extremes located in two different rooms that were working fine until time warner came replaced my wi-fi modem and phone modem this weekend  with a newer unti that combines the two (phone and wi-fi).


while doing the installation they changed my netwrok name and password.  Now both airports are flashing amber amber and can not be detected by my airport utility.  nothing else was changed or added.  I know they stations work because if i turn off the wi-fi on my computer (mac book pro) and wired it directly to the airport using an ethernet cable i can get to the internet.  but when i open airport utility it tries to find it and it searches endlessly without ever dtecting them even though I am literally 3 feet away with my laptop.


any suggestions will be greatly appreciated



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    When you have a major network change. .reset the Extreme to factory and start over.. they do seem to carry a lot of settings .. and it is hard to make it give them up without full factory reset.


    I would not even use the same wireless names.. start over with new ones..


    If you run into trouble post again more details... Extreme are connected to the main router by ethernet I guess?? Exactly what mode are they set in? A few screenshots of your setup makes life to troubleshoot much much easier.