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I struggle to read small font on MBA13, if I change OS to Windows, will the DPI scaling that allows a bigger & more readable text work? Have tried cmd+ & TinkerTool but only affects some areas.

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    OS-X 10.8.4 i.8 GHz i5 4GB.

    Have also tried zooming, double tapping, increased screen display - this was successful in that it increased size of all text across apps and system. However font was slighltly fuzzy. I had a bout of labyynthitis, which may or may not be related. Now have glasses for first time in my life. Looking for a way to increase overall font size across all apps and system. Does DPI scaling in Windows work on the mac?

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    Does DPI scaling in Windows work on the mac?

    DPI scaling is a function of the OS, not the hardware. So whatever you do in Windows cannot in any way affect how OS X behaves, or visa versa.


    The Mac OS to date still does not support resolution independence, which allows you to control the DPI of the OS. Your only choice is to choose a lower monitor resolution in the System Preferences, which will increase the size of everything.

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    Yes tried scaled resolution but found the fuzzy text troubling. Thanks for the clarity on the OS.