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I have read and try to follow the how-to for migration from ibookG4 to macbook


prerequit are good, ibookG4 is 10.5.8


network is fine , no firewall, same IP segment and so on.......


the second one (source) ibook G4 is waiting, waiting waiting ..... and it never see the macbook and so never connect


no error messages ...


what can I do ??

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    And Of corse i dont have a firewire cable ..


    i have alson try with wifi .

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    This tip should tell you everything you need to know.  http://www.macsales.com/ is a great source for cables.

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    this will be helpfull if i can connect the two machine, I saw and i know compatibility problems and i just want to move users files and video, not programs ,


    BUT and BUT my problem is : I can connect the machines ! with network

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    Get a thumb drive and copy files from the iBook, then copy these files from the thumb to the MacBook.

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    You know I wellknow Netware, Unix, Linux, windaube but it is the first time à use Macos to help a friend of my.

    for Unix/Linux in exemple it is easy to move personal data by copying /home/users directories

    for Windaube , because i change registry and move all data user under D:users;  data: a second partition with also document and settings I dont have problems , but for a normal PC with normal windaube it is a mess personnal data are everywhere .


    For macOs i dont know were are personnal data ; even hidden config files and so on .


    I know binaries will not be copied because compilation are not the same (Intel/powerpc)


    So if you tell me what i whould copy no problems i will use an external disque but on the other hands it is a shame to have a standars procedure (apple migration tools) which is not available

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    Hard drive -> Users -> your login name is your users directory

    Inside there is a library folder with varios personal prefences.

    The Pictures folder inside your login name folder is where iPhoto stores its data.

    The Movies folder inside your login name folder is where iMovies are stored.

    The Music folder inside your login name folder is your iTunes music folder.

    The hard drive Applications folder is where applications are stored.

    Note, I see you have difficulty writing plain English, if English is not your first language, please state what it is, so someone can help interpret what I said.

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    I understand English pretty well , I just have difficulties to write it


    thank's for your answer I will do what you said and see if it is oK


    I found that for that for safari mark pages





    what about mail folders and adresses book ?


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    One more question :

    I should copy all of theses directories (under libraries ) in french "bibilothéque"  ?

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    Seeing as Applications can write data to those paths in the bibilothéque I would keep an extra copy of the old bibilothéque folder on your desktop folder in case you overwrite something important while the Applications are open.

    If you find something is overwitten, boot in safe mode, holding the shift key, and then copy the files missing over later. The path hasn't changed.  Keep the same file structure from old to new.   One thing to note, in newer operating systems the Pictures, Movies, and Music folders may be "packages" but control clicking them will allow you to reveal their contents and modify them.  Don't edit anything in those iApps on the new machine until you have verified their old contents are readable by the new Apps.

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    not so simple . I believe the migration procédure help for my new problem.


    I have copy bibilothèque (libraries) but when i have try to use some applications i got problems because the user has no rights to directories.


    I have copy file with one othe login name (admin)


    I found how to change owner and rights but it is a mess to much files and directories and the change is not recursive so this apply to directories but not to files inside


    Is a way to do that  i mean with command line (chown -R ... ) or via an utilities ?

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    to late i did'nt keep a copy ofr the old ( i mean new directories )  on the macbook . any way i can delete the user and re create it  to have a clean environnement ?

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    so i deleted user and re create it to have a clean home directory


    i loging on mabook he new machine with the user account

    from my externel disk  :

    1°) i copy /libraries/mail

    result : when i launch mail the mail acount where not recognize, so i re create it by chance these are imap account


    i look at the content of the directory and i saw the name of mail folder are not the same syntaxe than old one

    2°) I copy images folder no problems it is a user unix folder with files and with my login no rights problems on it to see and write files

    3°) copy /libraries/safari

    launch safari OK

    4°) from the older machine make an export of the adresse book and import it to the new one


    5°) copy /documents


    6°) copy desktop content

    OK i just miss screen wall paper

    7°) copy musique folder


    8°) copy video folder


    9°) i copy /libraries/mail download




    At this state A have just copy "home " directories and under libraries /safari and /mail with good results for safari and not for mail but it is fine.

    what whoulf I copy from old libraries to the macbook ? without any risk ?


    theses as you said :


    The Pictures folder  (images in French)

    The Movies folder  (imovies ?? )

    The Music folder


    and also hard drives application folder  not under librareis ?



    I find this ????



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    Move everything you may want into Users -> Shared.


    Create a new user in Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Users and Groups.


    Copy the info from Users and Groups to your desktop in the new user.


    Only delete the old user once you have made sure the new user is able to run everything you need.