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my iphone (4) not even a month old was working fine and now wont send or receive any texts that have pictures in them.  What can i do to fix this?   I checked settt

ings and they all appear to be fine   i did a reset on factory settings and that didmt help.

iPhone 4
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    Check your settings and check with your carrier to make sure you have support for Multimedia Messaging (MMS).

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    Go to settings, messages, make sure that MMS is on.


    1. To send and receive MMS messages on your iPhone, verify that your wireless carrier supports MMS2.
    2. Ensure that MMS Messaging is turned on in Settings > Messages.
    3. Verify that your phone is able to access cellular data.
      • Some carriers allow you to edit your APN (Access Point Name), which may prevent MMS from working.
      • If you are roaming outside your calling area, make sure you have Data Roaming turned on in Settings > General > Cellular to send or receive MMS content.
      • While on a phone call, you will be unable to send or receive MMS messages when using an EDGE, GPRS, or any CDMA cellular data network. After the phone call ends, you will receive any incoming messages. If you tried to send an MMS message, you may need to send it again.
    4. If the issue persists and your wireless carrier has confirmed that your wireless account is provisioned2 for MMS, restore the iPhone.