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I'm using Garagegand '11, and I cannot find my guitar lesson that I bought way back when I used Garagaband '09. However, Garageband '11 asks me wether I want to buy the lesson again, when selecting the lesson in the garageband lessonstore.

Any way to get my lesson(s) back?

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    Any way to get my lesson(s) back?


    Theoretically, you should be able to download them again from the App Store,

    see:    GarageBand: Re-downloading Learn to Play Artist Lessons


    Only, recently, that does not seem to work reliably.


    Do you have an older backup form the time, when you used GB '09? Then you can copy them back from the backup of the System Library:


    The lessons are installed in the System Library here:


    /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Learn to Play/


    Just open the LearnTo Play folder and copy them.

    To open the folder, select the line

    /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Learn to Play/

    and ctrl-click it, then select "Reveal" from the pop-up menu.





    P.S. they may also be in the folder:

    ~/Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Learn to Play/

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    The order history only goes back some 18 months, and the lessons I bought date from that period before. It's a bit daft that when selecting the lesson to buy it again, Garageband tells me that I already bought it before. This means that somewhere and somehow my order history is saved. Strangely Garageband does not simply download the lesson again without charging me a second time for the same lesson. If this is possible with all the music and soft you buy with iTunes, this should also be the case with the garageband lessons.

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    I was using the wrong menu in Garageband to find the lesson. Problem solved.