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The question seems very dumb, but please be patient:

I have a Macbook with BootCamp installed. On the Mac side, when I clicked on the Mac HD and select "Get Info", it said


Volume Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Capacity": 159 GB

Avaialble: 102.47 GB

Used: 56.53 GB.


But when I used DiskUtility from Application folder, it reported:

Capacity 159 GB

Available: 29.78 GB

Used:      129.22 GB


The Disk Doctor apps reported similar:

Free Space: 29.8 GB

Used Space: 129.2 GB

Total Capacity: 159 GB


The OmniDiskSweeper tool also show my Mac HD only has 29 GB free


I carefully looked at all my files in the system did a rough sumation, I believed I only used 56 GB as reported in the first method (Get Info).


I've done many backups, then I draged the old ones to the trask, empty trash ... is it possible the deleted files still hidden somewhere ?


Which one  (free space) is real ?



iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4