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While I certainly don't recommend this...


I put my jeans in my washer AND dryer and later remembered I left my iPhone 5 ear phones in my jeans and had totally washed them :(


I'm surprised to report that they weren't damaged a bit!


Don't know how, but all's well :)


Again please don't try this. I seem to have lucked out. But I remember years ago reading a thread about some one putting there keyboard in the dish washer. But I'm sure you can't do that with today's slim delicate ones. It was a G3 or earlier

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    speakers as in also ear buds is made of a paper related fabric so making it wet can cause it to break so you're lukcey they are fine


    keyboards (most of them) use a membrane where the key press 3 slides of plastic making a connection between the 2 outer ones which works as a matrix so the signal of which key is pressed is proccessed

    if it gets wet it can act strange as connections could happen even when keys are not pressed

    and if the wet is from suger filled stuff it will kill the keyboard with extreme prejudice

    I've attempted many times to clean up keyboards which had gotten soda or coffee with sugar in it

    only 1 in 10 ever recovered 100%

    when suger is involved then dish washer is even powerless

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    Yes I was absurdly lucky and when I plugged them in and worked and continue to work, I'm stunned. The only thing I can think of is we have a real modern front loader that uses very little water and doesn't immerse the closes like traditional top loaders. I have to believe this is where I lucked out. If immersed in water there is no way they could have survived. Heat from the dryer didn't melt anything or seem to hurt. If anything...  it immediately removed any moister so perhaps saved the day. Once in awhile we're allowed a break


    RE: keyboards... the slimline ones of today are EXTREMELY delicate. I literally sprayed a towel, not the keyboard directly, to simply clean my keys that were getting a little browned from use. Somehow the littlest bit of moisture got into the keyboard and crippled a couple keys and I had to replace it. So spilling or spraying directly has to be a keyboard killer.


    When I took it to an Apple store, I asked how they clean their 100s of keyboards on display. I was soooo careful not to get any moisture (409) into the mechanism. So I can't imagine how a big store with tons of keyboards cleans them without distroying some.


    There are a number of forums that discuss the older Mac keyboards from the PowerPC days and how they actually washed them in a dishwasher. I never and would never try. But was certainly intriqued. I have a dear friend who did try and it worked for her! Interesting.


    So to anyone reading this. Check your pockets before washing and be ultra careful when wiping down your slimline keyboards.

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    Just be aware that inspite of the fact they appear to work fine now, once the some of the materials inside become wet at all, they tend to weaken. Not out of the question they will fail with a bit more use. For your sake I hope not (seriously not trying to rain on your parade, just speaking from experience).

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    Yes this is most certainly possible. I'm hoping that the limited amount of water used in our washing machine and the dryer evaporating any water, may save me. Luckily, these ear phones aren't too expensive if replacement is needed.

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    Steven Shmerler wrote:


    Luckily, these ear phones aren't too expensive if replacement is needed.

    Well, that is true. Hoping for the best for you at any rate.