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Lately my OS has been behaving strangely. If I re-start my laptop things go back to normal, but after a little while the problems return. Slow and somewhat unreponsive two finger scrolling on the trackpad (and it's the same with my external bluetooth trackpad, so it's not the hardware); slow/un-responsive one finger click; and overall sluggishness with all apps. Spinning colorwheel too. Like I said, re-starting gets things back to normal, but only for a little while. I find myself having to restart a few times a day.


I've run disk doctor and it says the HD is "ok". I also repair permissions on a regular basis. How else can I try to diagnose what's going on? I'm interested in upgrading to Mountain Lion - is there a possibility that performing the upgrade will solve this performance problem? Or should I try to get this fixed before the upgrade?




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 4GB RAM