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I see in OSX Server there is an item named "Globe" occupying port 2002 and show a local address of


What is this Service/program and where did it come from?




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    Please post a screenshot that shows what you mean.

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    For some related details, see this thread.


    This "globe" is the ICANN reserved user of TCP and UDP ports 2002, and that string tends to be the default text name for displays of stuff that's using that port, whether or not the tool is actually "globe" or not.  (And no, I don't know what application ICANN is calling "globe" here; there's not much info on that widget in the ICANN listings, and I didn't research the port beyond the ICANN listings.)


    To identify the user of port 2002, with the following Terminal.app command:


    sudo lsof -i -P | grep -i ":2002"


    You'll need to enter your administrative password for the sudo to be honored.  This command will report anything on TCP and UDP port 2002 (which is the port used by "globe") (plus possibly finding a few other open ports beginning with 2002; spurious ports that you can ignore).  If things are working as expected, you should see some named processes.


    Then use the process ID (eg: 4761, in the following) to display the files open by the process.


    sudo lsof -p 4761


    The various files that are (also) open might then identify what local application is using that port.


    AFAIK, OS X and OS X Server do not use TCP or UDP 2002.  (There's also the list of well-known ports of Apple Products (TS1629).)  Which implies this is some local application, whether LogMeIn or otherwise.