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Hi -


I just got a Chromecast and the set up seemed to be going well until the home screen (on my TV) said:

"Chromecast connected to MyHomeNetwork, but can't access the Internet"


When I checked under the WiFi icon in the menu bar Chromecast was selected but MyHomeNetwork was de-selected.


I did this a few times - first getting online with MyHomeNetwork.  Every time - during the CCast set up - it switches to Chromecast under WiFi.


It is supposed to work this way?


Is there something wrong with my Airport Express (latest version)?  Should I change a setting on it?


When I checked the Airport Utility it shows when I'm connected and when I'm not.  Under "Other WiFi Devices" there is nothing listed - "No new wifi devices detected".


Im using a MBPro 2011, running OS X 10.7.5.


Suggestions please.



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