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This afternoon, my iPad couldn't connect to wifi with my AirPort Express. It had functioned just a few hours earlier.


In settings/general/wifi, I can see the network present and at full strength, it shows in the left settings panel, the full signal indicator shows on the top bar of tge ipad, but the spinning ball keeps going around forever and I can not get a internet connection.


The AirPort utility shows a green indicator and the green light is showing on the AirPort module.


I have tested with my wifi hotspot and I can connect to the internet, so I don't think the iPad is the problem. If I shut off the WiFi on the iPad and turn back on, my network will self select but not connect. I have also shut down and restarted the iPad several times with no change. Even within 3 feet of the AirPort module, I can not get a locked signal.


Does this indicate that the AirPort has gone over the hill? In the past few months I have noticed a bit weaker signal and at times losing the signal in the house where it didn't used to be a problem.

iPad, iOS 5
  • Derryl S Level 2 (195 points)

    Forgot to mention, I have unplugged AirPort Express and back in again, but this did not help

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    As a test, change the name of the wireless network on the AirPort Express....and....change the wireless network password.


    See if the iPad can connect that way. If it can, this indicates that the old network settings on the iPad were corrupted.


    Use the new name and password with all of your devices.


    Keep the name of the wireless network short.....no more than 20 characters. Fewer would be better.

    Use only normal letters and numbers in the name.....with no special characters like an apostrophe or dollar sign, etc.

    No spaces in the name


    Same rules for the wireless password


    Please post on your results

  • Derryl S Level 2 (195 points)

    Sorry, but this did not help my AirPort situation


    Still got the spinning circle, iPad still shows connected in settings of the iPad, but can not actually able to access the network.


    My model of AirPort Express is different from the current version being sold. Mine looks like the 2008 model base station which is listed in the Apple Store (refurtbished). I purchased mine when I got my iPad (original model).

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,109 points)

    This is unfortunately sounding like the iPad has a serious problem and should be checked out an Apple Store or Apple Servicer.


    You can work your way through Apple's troubleshooting guide if you have the time and inclination, but based on your "test", I doubt that the steps will help. Good luck.



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    Takes for your trying.


    As I mentioned in the original post that the iPad does work with WiFi with my Verizon Hot Spot. It is just the AirPort Base Station that does seem to work.


    To make the situation even weirder, this morning (after not using the iPad overnight) I tested and the AirPort WiFi connected right away to the iPad!!!!


    (Going to get a new iPad this fall when the new models come out)

  • Derryl S Level 2 (195 points)

    iPad is still connecting, but when I turned on my Mac this afternoon, there was a window open that said it could not find a wifi network. All the possible networks as I would see on the iPad settings were there, so I clicked on my network in the list and the window closed. I do not use wifi on the Mac, so I am guessing it was the airport utility that gave the alert.


    With the message on the Mac and with what happened yesterday, it looks like it is AirPort that is failing, not the iPad.