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Hey guys,


Umm just a quick one, on my black iphone 5 I have like a little scratch on the top of the phone (near the sleep wake button) Maybe it's just be but it is really annoying me, as I payed  a lot of money for the phone. The only thing is that I am not sure if the phone came with the scratch or I did it, because I didn't exactly checked the phone over before I left the store (even though you should't have to check the phone over), I don't see how I could of done it though because as soon as I got it I put it straight into a otter box defender case, and after that into a protective "speck canyshell case".


So my question is, Should I call apple to see what they say or take it back to my provider whitch is (mitchell and brown in australia) or am I just over reacting and should I just get over it haha.


Thanks heaps guys in advance

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4